Happy Easter!!

Jake is Jonah's cousin & best friend!! They had so much fun on Easter!!
This picture is for the Grandparents...enjoy!!

Yay!! Jonah found an egg!!

Nice bucket Jake!!

Jonah had so much fun!! Thanks Grandma & Grandpa Bowden!!Jonah's other BFF is Jared Galbraith...they like to play "Rocky" all the time!! Here's Jonah chillin' on Jared's lap...so cute!!


galbfam said...


#6 Drake Family! said...

Awww...thanks!! I know he just loves you guys too!! We always have so much fun with you guys!! Thanks for being such great friends!! Love ya!!

becky said...

Heidi your pictures are amazing!!!! I actually and wanting to start a photography thing but its taken me a while to get started. I got my new camera for Christmas and Marc got me Photoshop all set up but its hard to me to figure out all the different editing!! But I love it all and Im so glad I can still keep in touch with you!!! Mwuah!! Oh and congrats on moving back to UTah! Im so happy for you!!

Nate ~ Paige ~ Kaiden said...

ALWAYS such cute pictures! What a little sweet boy you have! Hope your going to be at bunko tomorrow!

#6 Drake Family! said...

Becky~ it has taken me a while to get things going also. i just started so it has been fun. one thing that has helped ALOT is this website http://tutorialoutpost.com/tutorials/photoshop/photo-editing/ it shows you a ton of amazing things you can do but you keep doing it and you get the hang of it...you'll figure out what you like best and usually you use it for most pictures. you take great pictures anyways so i know you're gonna be awesome at it!!