Easter Bunt Cake!

I really liked how the St. Patty's Day Cake came out, so of course I had to try it for Easter.

When it comes to Easter treats, these Mini Cadburry Eggs are #1 in my book! So incorporating them was definitely a given.

so, as you can tell, the colors I chose weren't difficult to pick...

and thanks to Allix, I didn't have to clean off the counter ;)

Sweetheart Halter Top

I can't get enough of this sweet girl!!

She's such a sweetheart when she wants to be...and I love it!!

I got the pattern for this "Sweetheart Halter Top" at the Peekaboo Pattern Shop.

She has so many cute patterns to choose from!

I've always loved halter tops, and I think they're so cute on little girls!

Especially MINE!!! ;)

I have to tell you it was FREEZING outside, but the lighting was better than it had been for a long time. I told her we had to be really good and really fast so that we can come back inside as quick as we can. She said "OK" and she did perfect!! Her poor lips were purple when we got back inside. I let her have whatever candy, cupcake, or junk food that she wanted.

I live for these moments!

I'm guessing she was tired from the extra long bath she decided to take today.

As I was blow drying her hair she was getting more and more bobble-headish (yes that's a word I made up). I didn't notice that she was asleep until I looked in the mirror and her eyes were closed.

I wanted to hurry and go to my room to grab my camera, but then she would have fallen straight back off of the counter.

She was OUT!

Good thing I had my phone so I could always remember this moment.

I had to lean my chest up against her so she wouldn't topple down. I also love the fact that she's still holding onto her "reindeer".

These little reindeer (along with a Thomas the Train movie) were what she decided to purchase at Toys 'R' Us with a gift card from my Uncle Roy & Aunt Leah (thank you!!) Jonah got one too.

They loved to be able to pick out whatever they wanted, because it was "their" money.

I love this little girl more and more every day. She makes me smile :)