Way Custom Orders @ Alli Rae Designs

I've been getting A LOT of custom orders on making things that i haven't made before, but i LOVE the challenge! So if you're thinking of something that you want: hats, headbands, flowers, dresses, skirts, shoes/booties, bracelets, bibs, skirts, ANYTHING crochet, ANYTHING knitted, ANYTHING sewn, basically ANYTHING CRAFTY....I'll make it for you! Either comment or email me at alliraedesigns@yahoo.com, or call 801.388.6831.

Thanks everyone!!

Also, if you find something on the internet and think it's too expensive, email me the picture and the price and I will make and sell it to you for 20% cheaper! (some things I just can't make...sorry) But like I said I LOVE the challenge...so give me your best shot!!

Brinley & Maddie

I LOVE these two girls! I wish we could live closer to them :-( These sweethearts are my sister-in-law's children & they just moved so so so far away! Jonah also LOVED to play with them (especially Maddie). When you see them together they look like they're twins.

These two pictures are some of my favorite!
I love candid shots and I had to edit them vintage style.

It makes me so sad how much these pictures get desaturated. Anybody know how to get the color back?? Comments??