New Haircuts!!

Jonah always looks older when I give him a new haircut...makes me so sad to think that he's still growing and isn't staying the sweet little bundle of joy I remember bringing home from the hospital 5 1/2 years ago.

How has he gone from this:

to this:

to this??

And then there's "Bug".

She won't stop growing either :(

North Pole Cupcakes

I was in a baking mood the day before Christmas Eve. These were one of the many things I had to try. By the time I was done baking everything I was "craving", I didn't want to eat any of it :(

I found these online and I thought they were the cutest things ever! I had to try it!

I've never had perfect cupcakes like this before so of course I had to take a picture!

I also had to make bite-sized ones for those of us that can't eat a "whole" cupcake (not me) or just like really small bite-sized anything.

Fun with watercolors!

I have a love-hate relationship with watching Allix grow up. I LOVE seeing her evolve into her own individual self. I LOVE watching her do things that it seems just yesterday she couldn't do on her own. On the other hand, now she is so independent! She wants to do everything by herself.

Allix painted...
She really enjoyed it...creating all on her own

She loves Dora & Boots!

She seemed like she really took pride in what she was doing.

I love these little hands...

Then I asked if I could help?? Any guesses on what she said??

Very independent!!

Eating in the dark....well...almost

Invited friends over last night for dinner and games.
Finished making dinner except for the bread.
Friends arrive.
Kids start playing.
Put bread in the oven.
Power goes out!
Happy kids turn into frightened kids.
I screamed!...almost
I cried!...almost
Tried to compose myself.
Found three flashlights.
Turned them on.
Batteries are dead.
In all three!
Jonah and I are on the verge of crying.
Found the batteries.
Put batteries in the flashlights.
Yay they work!
Happy kids!
Happy mom!
Let's eat.
In the dark?
Where do we get light?
The Hummer.
The Hummer?
Yes the Hummer.
Oh ok...?
Danny drove the Hummer over the curb,
Through the snow,

And onto our porch.

3 feet away from the house.

Headlights lit up the dining room enough to see what we were eating.
Kids cheered!
I cheered!
Attempted to eat dinner with semi-cooked bread.
Spilled dinner.
Attempted to drink juice.
Dripped juice.
Attempted to eat cake.

Scattered cake.

Good thing we couldn't see the mess.
Sloppy clothes,
Messy house,
An adventure,
A memorable dinner,
And a fun time with friends!
Let's do it again!

P.S. This was the cake I had to try that I pinned on pinterest. It was very good :)

We Made Cookies Yesterday...

I love it when I'm in the mood to do whatever my children ask me to do (which sadly doesn't happen too often). Since Jonah didn't have school on Monday (Martin Luther King Jr. Day), Jonah wanted to make cookies, take them to Danny at work, and surprise him. The cookies, however, never ended up leaving the house. It ended up snowing outside and Allix has a lingering cough that I didn't want to make worse. Also, I really really dislike driving in snow...why do I live in Utah again??

But, daddy was surprised when he saw the sweet cookies after he got home :) Hopefully another day we'll try and surprise him with something else at work ;)

P.S. Please don't pay any attention to the little girl giving the "bird" to the camera.