Pricing and Details

All sessions include photo shoot outside w/ your choice of location (except newborns), 20 - 25 edited high resolution images in color and black & white.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for your CD to be ready.  Returning clients receive $15 off their next sessions.
Please book your session 2-3 weeks in advance. You can book a newborn session at any point in your pregnancy, I have many moms that book as soon as they find out they are pregnant. It’s never too early!

*If you can't find or think of a location for your pictures, let me know and I will be happy to recommend a location for you. 
*Christmas cards will only be done in time for Christmas if your session is before October 31.

The best age to photograph babies is 6-8 months old. This is the age where they are sitting on their own but not yet crawling and able to get away. Babies this age are very happy and content.

The next age that is very popular is one year olds. They are much more challenging to photograph, but I get the best personality shots from this age. It’s great if you can bring a birthday cake for them to dig into at the end when their attention span has left the building. Good things to bring are hats, flowers/headbands, tutus, pettiskirts and clothes (for both girls and boys). If you need something specific from me let me know ahead of time.  I try to schedule these sessions after nap-time. Please don’t bring a hungry, sick or tired baby, it’s almost impossible to get any shots out of grumpy babies. I don’t mind rescheduling last minute if you baby is having a bad day. To add siblings to this shoot it is $15 extra per child.
I love photographing older children too!!

Children Checklist
  • a couple of cute outfits
  • cupcakes or a birthday cake for one year olds
  • any cute hats or accessories you have
  • for boys bring a few pairs of pants/shorts (jeans, casual khakis, etc)
  • a snack and a drink (sometimes they just need a little break to keep going)
  • a favorite toy from home that makes them happy (sometimes they need something familiar to smile at)
  • a favorite book/blanket/stuffed animal

This session is for a family of up to 5 people. For each additional person add $15.  This session usually lasts between 1-1 1/2 hours.  You can bring up to two outfits for each person to change into.  The best pictures I get are when you wear COLOR.  No it doesn't have to be all different colors, but something that POPS!  Have a neutral base that you can work off of and add the color in accessories like: hats, headbands/flowers, vests, shoes, ties, jewelry, leggings, etc.  This adds patterns and textures to the photos and makes it more pleasing to the eye.

For newborn sessions I usually come to your home.  Where you're comfortable (after just having a baby).  If you would rater come to my home, we can do that instead.  I prefer to photograph newborns when they are about a week old (and no later than two weeks) while they are still bendy and super sleepy. It is best to book this session while you are still pregnant, preferably a few months in advance as I take a limited amount of newborn sessions each month. A newborn takes about 2 hours to photograph, sometimes less if the baby is a good sleeper. I provide hats, flowers/headbands and other accessories for newborns, please feel free to bring whatever you’ve got also. I keep the babies mostly naked for the whole shoot, so having outfits is not necessary. It’s also good when dressing your newborn, that you dress them lightly, like in a onesie, so that we don’t have to disturb them too much when taking them off. And please don’t stress about them peeing (or worse) on my stuff. It will happen. And I will wash it. It’s not a big deal, I’m very used to it. I will happily do laundry for the sake of cute pictures. Please add $15 for each additional sibling in a newborn session, which includes pictures of them together and some individuals picture in one outfit. Of course with more children you get more images on your CD.

Newborn Checklist
  • lots of diapers and wipes
  • extra blankets
  • a binky (this is very helpful if they take one)
  • a bottle with breast-milk or formula (this saves a ton of time if we can just feed them the bottle instead of nursing)
  • a black long sleeve shirt for mom or dad