Kalon & Kaidence

I just LOVE all of these pictures!! I'm so glad they turned out!! I hope you like them Brooke. Thank you again for having me take their pictures!!

One for Brooke...

Kalon is so dang adorable!! I love his big blue eyes! Out of 340 pictures taken of course we got SO MANY great ones!! Can't wait to post more!

New Hobby

I've decided to take up crocheting. I've seen so many beanies, flowers, and headbands that I love but seem too expensive to buy, so I thought I could try making them....well here's one beanie I finally finished after many attempts to get it right. This is also one of four flowers I've made. What do you think??


These little girls are so gorgeous! I'm so glad I got the chance to take their pictures...these are just a few...more to come!

Photo Contest....

Ok so I entered a picture of Allix into a photo contest and I'm hoping I can get some help from all of you. Click on the title "Photo Contest" and vote....only if you want to. Thanks for your help!

Allix...7 weeks (already)


Ok so I took this picture of Lily and didn't notice that I totally over exposed it. But when I saw it, I absolutely LOVED it!! What do you think?? What a cutie pie!!