First Knitting Project

I know it's just a hot pad, but I actually really like it. I made it for a friend so I guess I'm just gonna have to make myself one.


When we were at the store last week Jonah saw this Spiderman costume but they didn't have his size. I was talking to my mom about it and the next thing you know Jonah had a package arrive. Yay SPIDERMAN! Thanks mom! You're the best! Jonah wants to thank you too!

P.S. It did come with a mask that went around his eyes but, he wasn't able to open them so Danny took them and cut out bigger holes. Jonah thought it was cool and tried to do it too....needless to say they ended up going in the garbageAlign Center

0-3 Month Pink Newsboy Cap

Sorry the hat doesn't look thesame color in this one as the top three but the lighting is different. The actual color is more like the top ones.

Happy 3 Month Birthday Baby Girl!!

I can't believe how fast she's growing!! I think it goes by even faster when you have more than one. I'm so glad I had a little girl. So much fun!!

I think I like the drool...what do you think??

She was tired, can't you tell??

These are the latest two hats that I've made...


Oh Charlie!! I love his little chunckyness...

So this is the face I got when I pulled out my camera!! I thought it was only my kids that did that.Charlie was a trooper though, trying to bend him every which way and trying to make him sit up by himself at only 4 months, not to mention the whole time being hungry, he did pretty well.

And one with daddy!!

2,350 Miles... to Boston, MA

We left for Boston on Thursday the 30th of April. For those of you who don't know, Danny decided to try out selling security systems for the summer and this is where they sent us. WooHoo ROAD TRIP! Well, not as much fun as I thought, driving about 12 hours a day for 3 days. We finally made it on Saturday night about 9:00 pm Boston time. (Still trying to get used to the 2 hour time change.) Although, I don't think I could ask for two better kids to take the trip with. They were AMAZING! I love them SO much!Here are just a few things that helped us along the way...
Some foam animal stickers that my good friend Brooke gave to Jonah...which ended up everywhere in the car...i'm sure there are a few still under the seats.

An air freshener for those cow farms, poopy diapers, and those unexpected SBD's...

A DVD player (that didn't work half of the first day because a fuse blew)

So we gave him a coloring book....

and a marker... found out he just liked the marker... it kept him pretty occupied.

a GPS... because guys don't like to stop and ask for directions.

My FAVORITE! Because, I don't like water...

Some Goldfish for Jonah

Nilla Wafers (they were supposed to be for Jonah...but, I think I ate most of them)

Jonah & Allix bonded...

I thought these clouds were so weird because they were in lines.

We saw a TON of windmills...

and I LOVED it when this happened. Boston, here we come!