Rawlins - 1 yr

Look how stinkin' cute this little guy is!!  And I have got to say he has the best "CHEESY" smile EVER!!

Happy Birthday little dude!!

{DIY} Clothes Dryer

Has anyone else had their dryer broken for over a week??...maybe two??
Let's just say....
I totally feel for you!!!!
Tutorial not necessary, but in case you're looking for it, here it is:

Step 1:  Lay out wet (preferably clean) clothes.
Step 2:  Find a fan and plug it in. (Turn on rotating switch)
Step 3: Wait...and wait...and wait...

And for those of you who have working dryers....
enjoy them....
while I 
wait...and wait...and wait...

We finally made it!!

Welcome to our humble abode!!
Come on in!
 I hope you take your shoes off and stay a while...
 What I love about our coat closet is that it already has organizational purposes.  I can't explain how happy simple things like "hooks" make me :)  
Let's just say this girl is very happy!

We also like to accessorize with swords. 
 Standing in our entry way this is the view you get.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE (did I mention I LOVE?) how open it is!!!  Can't wait to actually define this area with some better furniture but for now, we improvise with pink wing-back chairs, undersized foot stools, and a fold up tables. 
The light from all the windows makes my life that much brighter!
 Across the way is the dining room area with also another wall full of windows.  Our table (that was too big for our town home) seems like an afterthought in here.  I think this place needs a bigger table and/or a seating area in front of the fireplace(s). 
 Yes I said fireplaces with and "s".  We have two.  It will be interesting to see what we come up with for this place.  Any ideas??
 Now we come to the kitchen.  We're thinking of taking out the bar and making a big island in the middle.  Can't wait!
 Our desk area.  Which sadly, I just heard, is going to be taken out eventually :(
 I'll have to show you the laundry/craft room as soon as I get all that put away.  But, for now, here is Jonah's room.
 Allix & Lexi's Room
 The kid's lime green bathroom and the purple master bedroom are still in shambles so we'll pass those by and show you the master bath.
I will get to the rest of the house and the yard soon.  I don't want to overwhelm you with a ton of pictures right now.
Although, I do want to show you one of my favorite parts of our yard...

These can also be considered "Before" pictures.  We have a million projects and alterations we are looking forward to doing.  I can't wait to show you how we turn this house into our "home".  Hope you check back and experience it along with us.  It's gonna be one crazy ride!

Sophie ~ 1 yr

Oh how I wish little Sophie was happy at our photo shoot.  But I did end up getting a couple good ones and this picture is by far one of my favorites!!  I'm so glad I kept shooting anyways.  She is such a doll and I have always loved orchard pictures!

Happy Mother's Day!!

I love how these look like little clusters of hydrangea flowers!!

 And I hope all you mothers out there feel the love you deserve today!  I know I do!!!

Oaklee & Lincoln

Too cute to handle!!