Tim & Celeste Family Pics

Thank you so much Tim & Celeste for letting me take some pictures of your wonderful family!! We got some pretty good pics even though it was 100 degree weather and had to walk a few miles!! Haha...anyways you all were really good sports and I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!! Thanks again!!


Tim & Celeste said...

Look how fun!!! These are great pictures- you'd never know we were really melting. Thanks Heidi! You are awesome!

Rebecca said...

What a good looking family!! You did a great Job Hiedi!

Kari said...

I found your site through my dear friend Jamie's blog and love the pictures you take. Next spring we want to have a family picture (large family and small families) and would love to have you take them. Could you send me your pricing info and contact information? kari.78@hotmail.com
Also do you do newborn photos? My sister is due in October and is looking for someone.

Thanks!!! Kari

Heather & Scott said...

I am so excited for my pictures! Thanks so much!!! We loved it!