Braxton & Bailey...So stinkin' cute!!

I had a blast with my great friend Mindy (also a photographer), and her two darling children, a couple weeks ago. She taught me so much and I can't thank her enough for everything she's done for me! Thank you so much Mindy!! I love ya!! Here are Bailey, Braxton, and Jonah (my boy). We for sure need to get together again. :-) You can visit her website at She's AMAZING!!


Mindy young said...

These are so cute Heids! You sure cleaned up Bailee's face nice. Ha..Ha.. I didn't think it was possible after she ate that Popsicle! You are so kind, and I love you too so lets get together more! You will have to come down and see my new addition to the family! Ha...Ha.. My new studio light! It is going to make me a millionaire! No, not really but I can pretend!

Jordan said...

Look at Jonah! What a little stud muffin! Love the pics. Heid- you do an awesome job. Can't wait for our pics sometime in November!