When we were at the store last week Jonah saw this Spiderman costume but they didn't have his size. I was talking to my mom about it and the next thing you know Jonah had a package arrive. Yay SPIDERMAN! Thanks mom! You're the best! Jonah wants to thank you too!

P.S. It did come with a mask that went around his eyes but, he wasn't able to open them so Danny took them and cut out bigger holes. Jonah thought it was cool and tried to do it too....needless to say they ended up going in the garbageAlign Center


Jake said...

The cutest little Spiderman I ever saw! What a cute kid! How is Boston treating you guys?

Jamie said...

Heidi---He is just so adorable!!! and so is Allix I love her pictures and the hat and croteching thing is a real talent of yours. Good Job!

mindy said...

That is so cute! Braxton was all freaked out to wear his mask. He gets clausterphobic its funny. He is getting so big and so is Allix!