Way Custom Orders @ Alli Rae Designs

I've been getting A LOT of custom orders on making things that i haven't made before, but i LOVE the challenge! So if you're thinking of something that you want: hats, headbands, flowers, dresses, skirts, shoes/booties, bracelets, bibs, skirts, ANYTHING crochet, ANYTHING knitted, ANYTHING sewn, basically ANYTHING CRAFTY....I'll make it for you! Either comment or email me at alliraedesigns@yahoo.com, or call 801.388.6831.

Thanks everyone!!

Also, if you find something on the internet and think it's too expensive, email me the picture and the price and I will make and sell it to you for 20% cheaper! (some things I just can't make...sorry) But like I said I LOVE the challenge...so give me your best shot!!


Jake said...

That is awesome Heidi! I need to find something like that I love to do. How do you find the time to spend with the kiddies? What do you do for boys usually?

#6 Drake Family! said...

Oh I'm pretty much with my kids 24/7. This is a really great hobby because you can be with your kids and do it at the same time! For boys, I can do hats, neck ties, vests, coats, etc. You name it.