Reason to SMILE #2 & 3 of 365

Ok, so I know I wanted to post something every single day that my kids do to make me smile, but going out of town for a family reunion for a week doesn't help.

Well, we're back and we had so much fun with everyone! I'll be posting some pictures of it soon. It was very sad leaving everyone. Especially the ones that we don't see all the time because they live in either Washington, New Mexico, or Ohio ;( But we love you ALL and can't wait till the next time we get to be together again!!

Back to the main point for this post, Reason #2: SPIT!

Jonah's cousin Jake plays on a bowling league and Tara (Jake's step-mom) had asked if Jonah would like to sub today. Of course he said "YES!!" Well, like always, I can always count on myself running late and so we were leaving the house in such a hurry I totally forgot to do Jonah's hair. Oh well, I guess I can just lick my fingers and try to spike his hair. So I did. As soon as I put my fingers in Jonah's hair, he looks at me with this DISGUSTED expression on his face and says, "Did you just SPIT on me?!"

Of course the SPIT didn't work very well, but it ended up making me smile the rest of the day!

Reason #3: WOODY!

The other day Jonah was playing with his little friends in our living room. They were having so much fun & sharing their toys. They were passing them around every few minutes. Jonah's toy of choice was his favorite Sheriff Woody doll from Toy Story. I was just starting to think how proud I am that he's FINALLY sharing his toys. As soon as the thought came into my head Jonah yells out, "WHO WANTS TO PLAY WITH MY WOODY?!"

Not so sure I want him sharing ALL his "toys". ;)

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