I can't get over Kaiden's big blue eyes!! He is so fun and so dang adorable!! I just love him!! He wanted to put anything and everything in his mouth....I remember those days, seems like forever ago!

Even though he got a little hungry towards the end we
really got some great pictures of this little guy!!

Thank you so much Paige, I really hope you enjoy these.
He was so much fun!!


Heather & Scott said...

Ok so I love your pictures! I want to get some taken by you! Paige talked to you a little about what I want. I didn't get your number from her. Will you call me and we will set up a time? 678-1764 Thanks!

Paige ~ Nate ~ Kaiden said...

They turned out great! Thank you so much Heidi! It was alot of fun too! Loved it! xoxo