Waterfall Canyon!!

My husband and I went hiking last weekend through Waterfall Canyon. The waterfall was gorgeous and I couldn't help but keep taking pictures. It was a little exhausting but for the most part it was great to get out!!

This was so worth the hike!!


Mindy said...

Heidi, these are so pretty nice job!!!

Rebecca said...

What great pictures! I remember that Hike!

galbfam said...

HEIDS!! They are beautiful. Last night was fun. Love you

Mindy said...

Hey Heids,
I thought I would blog you back on that question you asked here. Hope thats ok. I dont use any kind of flash photography. I only use natural light and some studio light that I bought. If your gonna buy studio lights by a soft box and make sure it is like around 3200K. The bigger the soft box the better. Mine is like 3 feet by 1 1/2 feet. Its huge but you need a light as big as your subject. So for shooting kids this is a good size. Let me know if you have any other questions! Thanks hun.