I live for these moments!

I'm guessing she was tired from the extra long bath she decided to take today.

As I was blow drying her hair she was getting more and more bobble-headish (yes that's a word I made up). I didn't notice that she was asleep until I looked in the mirror and her eyes were closed.

I wanted to hurry and go to my room to grab my camera, but then she would have fallen straight back off of the counter.

She was OUT!

Good thing I had my phone so I could always remember this moment.

I had to lean my chest up against her so she wouldn't topple down. I also love the fact that she's still holding onto her "reindeer".

These little reindeer (along with a Thomas the Train movie) were what she decided to purchase at Toys 'R' Us with a gift card from my Uncle Roy & Aunt Leah (thank you!!) Jonah got one too.

They loved to be able to pick out whatever they wanted, because it was "their" money.

I love this little girl more and more every day. She makes me smile :)


Rebecca said...

That is hilarious!

The Hunts said...

Oh my goodness this is the cutest thing ever!!! Kudos to you for getting a pic of it!!!